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The Ultimate One Page Website & Google Business Profile Website Replacement

  • When Is Google Turning Off Google Business Sites?
    Websites made with Google Business Profiles are basic websites powered by the information on your Business Profile. In March 2024, websites made with Google Business Profiles will be turned off. For a short period afterwards Google will do a redirect back to your Google Business Profile. After that date, customers will get a “page not found” error when attempting to visit your website.
  • How To Update The Website Link On My Google Business Profile To My BizSite?
    First Find Your Profile To find your profile, you must sign in to the Google Account associated with it. Try any of these methods to find your profile. On Google Search, search for my business. On Google Search or Maps, search for your business's name and city. In the Google Maps app , at the bottom right, tap Business. Tip: If you have more than one business, at the top, click the Down arrow. Then, select the business you want. Then Select Edit profile. Under “Business information,” select Contact. On the right side of “Website,” click . Select Manage. On the page that opens, at the top panel, you can find your site address. If you have a website made with Google Business Profile: You’ll find the website under “You have a website created with Google.” If you don't have a website made with Google Business Profile: You can add a link to your website, but the “You have a website created with Google” section won’t show.
  • How To Edit / Add To The Information On My BizSite?
    Find your 'Welcome to BizSite' email that you received from us containing your BizSite url. In this email there is a custom link to our updater platform where you can make edits to your listing. Any changes you make your business listing will also be made to your BizSite.
  • What Is A BizSite? is a service that automatically creates a website from your listing and makes it available for you to use enabling your business to stay connected to your customers. It's an ideal way to replace your Google Business.Site. It's available to any business that has a verified listing.
  • How Do I Turn Off Testimonials On Our BizSite?
    By default the 9 most recent reviews on with a rating of 4 stars or more will show on your BizSite. You can turn off testimonials on request if you prefer not to show any. To do this, simply email us, including a link to your BizSite. Once we have verified you are the owner of that BizSite we will turn off testimonials as requested. Email
Example Of A BizSite

What Is BizSite?

BizSite is a service that turns your listing into a one page website. It's the ultimate web solution that replaces a Google Business Profile website. Our simple, yet powerful platform enables businesses to create a professional and engaging web presence in minutes, without the need for any technical expertise.


Our focus is on helping  Irish businesses connect with their customers online. For many businesses a simple one page presence, like BizSite is the right choice.  If you are ready to grow online then we can help you scale with a showcase transactional websites to dominate your market, drive sales, promote your business, take bookings, payments and sell online.

Why Choose Us

Our purpose is to help Irish businesses of all sizes establish an online presence that drives customers to their door. We understand that many business owners today don't have the time or resources to create and maintain a website. That's why we created - to provide a hassle-free solution that allows our clients to get a basic web presence in place with just a few clicks and focus on what they do best - running their business.
We are based in Dublin with a nationwide team, and help thousands of Irish businesses connect with their customers.


Why Choose FCR Media

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